Greener and greener…

With the recent announcement that the financial world needs to do more to help combat climate change, my initial thought was “what can we do, we don’t even produce pollution!?“.

Then I got to thinking how much our own offices at Connect have changed over the last 20 years and how much energy we do indeed use.

Within the last 15 years, we gone ‘mostly’ paperless and no longer have the 20+ filing cabinets and all the associated printing that was involved. I wouldn’t know  where to begin calculating the energy saved in that, but it is likely significant!

We have gone from large tower PCs running energy hungry CRT screens, that between them probably consumed in excess of 500w for each work station, to tiny VESA mounted PCs on OLED screens that draw less than 120watts each. When you consider there’s approximately 40 work stations, that’s a considerable difference. 20,000 watts down to 4,800.

In the last couple of years I have changed out 55 ceiling light units for LED panels. The old units contained 4 x 55 watt fluorescent tubes. That was a total of around 12,000  watts (12kW). These days, the new panels only draw 40 watts each, which is approx 2200 watts. To put that into perspective, we’ve gone from the sort of power to keep 6 kettles boiling continually to only 1. I even fitted a separate switch on the meeting room lights, so those 6 panels can be switched off when the room isn’t in use.

Since COVID, we’ve adopted a system where many staff work a large percentage of time at home, which also reduces our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of commuters that we’re responsible for.

Our CEO drives a fully electric car these days and previously leased hybrid cars.

I shall keep an eye on our systems with a view to further reducing our energy consumption and even though we’re a pretty small firm, if we can reduce our energy footprint by 75% already, it has all got to help, right?