If everyone does their part…

Just a little update, still on the theme of what I am labelling “personal environmental responsibility”.

If you personally do everything you can at home, like sorting your recycling properly, turning the heating down a bit etc, then it must all help. But what if the companies that you patronise are still lagging behind in their efforts to reduce their own carbon footprint? Surely, we should take responsibility for part of the impact of their actions too, especially when there may be other companies that are greener.

At Connect, we look at our sources. Our websites are hosted at Ionos, who have a strict environmental policy which includes using energy suppliers who only use 100% renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. https://www.ionos.co.uk/environment.

Our broadband is provided by BT  who have a very comprehensive Environmental Policy, which claims they too also use 100% renewable energy sources. They also claim to have reduced their carbon emissions by 29% in the last year alone. https://www.bt.com/bt-plc/assets/documents/digital-impact-and-sustainability/our-report/report-archive/2021/tackling-climate-change-and-environmental-challenges.pdf

Even our electricity supplier BES Electricity are “proud to offer an independently certified 100% renewable electricity product for business customers“. https://www.besutilities.co.uk/renewable-electricity/

Arguably, if we’re to have a positive effect on climate change, the only way forward is for everyone to adopt personal environmental responsibility and that’s not just individuals, but every company and organisation too.