Here in the IT Dept, one of my biggest headaches is reviews. Reviews are a double-edged sword as it appears that the majority of people who leave reviews are really happy or really unhappy. We love nothing more than reading excited comments from satisfied clients. On the converse, there is very little to prevent someone who is frustrated about their personal situation from leaving a negative and unconstructive comment, along with a one-star rating. 

In reality our service is one of the best out there and our awards are testament to that fact. However, mortgages can be long winded and complex to process and occasionally things can take a little longer than expected and this can lead to frustration on the part of our clients. We take full responsibility of course, even if the delay lies with a third party organisation and is out of our control, but that doesn’t help things move any quicker. Cases like that are the exception and on the whole, people end up very happy with their new mortgage.

The reviews that are frustrating are the ‘chancers’, the people who think that we don’t do very stringent checks to ensure that the loan is not only affordable, but also legal! Most types of mortgages are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we have a dedicated Compliance team that ensure that the regulations are adhered to. This is for many reasons, from ensuring that clients aren’t overburdened with a loan they can’t afford to repay which could lead to them being made homeless, or clients who may have been less than honest with their financial history, aren’t granted access to even more money that they may have no intention of repaying.

We have received a negative review where the client claimed we only dealt with “very high net worth individuals”, which is utter nonsense. Connect helps clients across all budgets, however if you’re on a part-time low income salary, financing a million pound house is going to present obstacles.

We do love to hear feedback, good or bad. Our business model strives to improve to better serve our clients and this only happens when we receive honest constructive reviews.

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